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Heffner Studio - Under Construction

Construction is underway!

We are proud to announce that construction is well underway on the audio and digital media production lab at Central Library! When Heffner Studio re-opens our community will have hands-on access to many exciting new tools and technologies for audio and digital media production. High performance PCs, iMacs, professional grade peripherals like 3D printers, 3D Scanners, Virtual Reality gear and graphic design tools will bring your digital project to life.

A community space to create, learn, mentor and play 

Heffner Studio will have four fully-equipped audio production studios:

Broadcast Studio
Featuring a local radio station.

Don and Tracey Zehr Studio
Configured for full-band practice, drum practice and multi-track recording.

Solo Studio
Configured to accommodate 2-channel recording or editing.

Tom and Liz Motz Studio
Configured to accommodate 4-channel recording or editing.

In addition, there will also be two modular programming spaces where staff and community partners host innovate programs and workshops. These spaces double as accessible areas for co-working, collaborating and group work outside of programming hours.

Programs & Events
Heffner Studio staff will present programming designed to help our community explore, grow and learn how to experience and create with digital technology.

Upcoming Programs & Events

A new physical space, a new virtual space

An entirely new, dedicated web space will be launched with Heffner Studio. This web space will feature equipment tutorials, studio tours and reservation information. Take a sneak peek at this exciting new resource.