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Understanding Grief

Grief looks and feels different for everyone. It is a journey that everyone will travel at some point in their life. This session will provide you with a high-level understanding of what you might experience when you're grieving the death of a loved one, and provide ideas for helping you on your path. 

Presented by the Outreach Coordinator of Bereaved Families of Ontario - Midwestern Region.

Sleep Your Way to Better Health: Practical Tools for a Better Night's Sleep

Heather Young, Social worker and Child Sleep Consultant with Good Night Sleep Site Waterloo, will be discussing all things sleep - for adults!  We are in the midst of an epidemic of sleep deprivation.  In our current high-tech society, there is an underlying expectation that we are always "on" and a misguided idea that sleep is a luxury. But not getting enough sleep can impact

Women and the History of the Vote in Canada

Over 100 years ago, many women in Canada earned the right to vote. This legal victory took place amidst opposition to equal rights and Canada continued to deny women (and men) the right to vote on the basis of race (1948), religion (1955), and Indigenous status (1960). Accessibility remained a problem into the 1990s, with provisions only made for accessibility at polling stations in '92 and, in '93, for those who were away from their riding. These restrictions are important for women's equality, yet they often fall out of the narrative of

Ancestry 101

Interested in learning about the Ancestry Library Edition genealogy database and how to search it? Join Local History Librarian, Karen Ball-Pyatt for tips and tricks. 

Learn to Sew - Sewcial Show and Tell

Come join our Sewcial at the Central Library! Discuss what you are sewing, what you wish you were sewing, or learn something new. All experience levels are welcome.

This session of Learn to Sew will be a Sew and Tell! Bring what you are working on, a piece of fabric you aren't sure what to do with, or a sketch of what you would sew if you had total freedom. Use the group to help you source fabric choices, pattern ideas, or even problem solve a technique. 

Be prepared to learn and share in this relaxed and "sewcial" setting.

What Do Employers Want?

Employers want "soft skills". Companies know that they can teach you the hands on/ technical skills needed to do a job, but they want employees to be able to work with other people. These are "soft skills". How well do you problem solve, and work with your colleagues to get your job done. In this workshop you will go through the skills that employers want most, and get to practice using them through examples.

Let's Talk Vaccines!

This session will be an informal seminar with active discussion throughout. We will address some fundamental information about vaccines: What are they? What are they for? Who are they for? How are they made? The information about selected vaccines will be further explored in detail. We will also discuss some of the societal needs and concerns surrounding information and communication about vaccines.
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