IMAGE: Ron Sexsmith Part 2

Ron Sexsmith Interview, Part 2 (16:28)

Join us for the second part of Ron's interview, as he shares his journey to becoming one of Canada's most highly-acclaimed rock musicians.

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IMAGE: Ron Sexsmith Part 1

Ron Sexsmith Interview, Part 1 (16:49)

Ron's award-winning career would be the envy of any musician. But behind this success is a story of overwhelming struggle and rejection.

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IMAGE: Advice

Advice (15:52)

Those that succeed in the music industry often feel a responsibility to help others. Here is their advice for emerging artists and business people.

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IMAGE: Experiencing Peak Moments

Experiencing Peak Moments (9:17)

Every musician who sticks with this business long enough has a moment when they realize that it is all worthwhile. Our panelists have some pretty special memories to share.

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IMAGE: Hard Work

Hard Work (12:04)

The music business is risky and unpredictable and just like in any other business, it requires a lot of hard work to succeed. Our panelists discuss what they had to do to succeed.

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IMAGE: Giving Upe

Giving Up (11:59)

When faced with the legendarily daunting odds in the music business, have our interviewees ever thought of giving up? Their responses will surprise and inspire you.

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IMAGE: Experiencing the Struggles

Experiencing the Struggles (14:38)

Tales of the endless road and constant rejection are legendary in the music business. Listen in as these musicians recount the hard times in their careers.

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IMAGE: Finding and Serving Your Voice

Finding & Serving Your Voice (11:00)

The most frequently offered advice from our guests to emerging musicians was to find out what makes you unique and embrace it because that is foundation of any success in the music industry.

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IMAGE: Identifying Helpful Traits

Identifying Helpful Traits (13:46)

What does it take to succeed in the music industry? Our guests reveal that it is much more than hard work and good music.

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IMAGE: Making Sacrifices

Making Sacrifices (12:29)

Being a musician is a lifestyle that requires giving up what many consider non-negotiable. Here, musicians speak of sacrificing predictability, financial stability and personal relationships.

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IMAGE: Working with People

Working with People (12:39)

Collaboration and cooperation are essential for bringing music to the marketplace. Our guests describe the dynamics of these relationship and the importance of finding your tribe.

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IMAGE: Seeking Inspiration

Seeking Inspiration (11:20)

Early in their careers, most artists look up to someone as a role model. Listen in as our guests talk about people who inspired and mentored them.

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IMAGE: Starting Out

Starting Out (18:34)

Every music career begins somewhere. Join us for these fascinating stories of the early days of successful people in the music business.

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