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Part of an overall “Music Accelerator” program to provide emerging artists with mentorship opportunities and business development skills as a means to further their careers, Making It In Music delivers ongoing access to advice and insights from industry professionals.

Created and managed by Bob Egan of Canadian band Blue Rodeo fame, Making It In Music is targeted to young and emerging artists who crave mentorship opportunities from established music industry professionals. Mentors represent all fields of the music industry: performers, producers, engineers, studio owners, label owners, composers, technicians, booking agents, venue owners and operators, managers and publishers.

Our unique interviews offer insights, lessons and strategies for those aspiring to a career in the arts and, in particular, the music business. Topics discussed with Canadian industry professionals include general advice, early career days, achieving success, finding inspiration, managing career highs and lows ... and much more. The videos are instructive, relevant, and inspiring, and are intended to inspire and educate budding musicians, artists, and those interested in the music business.

The online mentorship directory provides links to resources that include: generating income (grants, crowdsourcing, royalties, merchandise), live performance (touring, booking agencies, booking gigs), recording and distribution (strategies and technologies, local and regional studios, digital distribution), business advice (publishing, management, marketing and publicity, networking) and music industry trends (newsfeeds, blogs, websites).

Making It In Music was developed with funding and support from Creative Enterprise Initiative and the Province of Ontario.

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Our Story

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