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Find the information you need to begin generating income, setting up live performances, and recording and distributing your music. Learn about marketing, networking, and publicity, and keep up-to-date on music industry trends.

Revenue and Funding


Recording Studios

Canadian Recording Studio Directory

Toronto Recording Studios

The Sound Distillery

Fred Smith Studio

Studio A Recording

MAD Audio Recording Studio

House of Miracles

DIY Recording

UJAM Overview

Audacity Overview

Set Up a Recording Studio on Your Computer

Digital Audio Workstations

Best Free Recording Software

Best Music Recording Software Musicians

How to Record a Song

Tape Op: The Creative Recording Magazine

DIY Recording Discussion Board

Music for Gaming, Film and TV Overview

Get Your Music Placed in Video Games

Getting Your Songs Placed in Video Games

How to Become a Games Music Composer

Placing Music into Film & TV (pdf)

Placing Music on TV and in Films

How to Get Songs Placed on TV and in Movies

Music Placement Opportunities

The Role of the Music Supervisor

How to Get Songs Placed on TV and in Movies

Music for Gaming, Film and TV Directory

Music Supervisors Directory (US, Canada, UK)

Instinct Entertainment

Vapor Music

Supergroup Sonic Branding

Radar Music Group

Canadian Record Labels Directory

Record companies in Canada

Canadian Major Record Labels

Record Labels Directory

Maple Music

Paper Bag Records

Busted Flat Records

Physical Distribution

Maple Music

Paper Bag Records

Canadian Music Centre Distribution

Entertainment One

Outside Music

Sonic Unyon Distribution

Indie Pool Canada

Fontana North

Digital Distribution

Digitally Distributing Your Album

Getting Music onto iTunes

Selling Music on iTunes

Publishing Music on Spotify

Getting Music onto Spotify

Songza vs 8tracks

Uploading to SoundCloud

Patreon for Musicians

Digital Distribution Directories

Digital Distribution Company Directory

Ditto Music



Fontana North


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