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Oral History

Oral History CassettesThe oral history collection, recorded on cassette tapes, is available in the Grace Schmidt Room. 

These recordings include interviews with prominent local figures and community members, and provide a wealth of family, local and social history.

Oral history cassettes may be borrowed for one week. You are allowed to borrow a maximum two cassettes at a time.  They may also be listened to in the Grace Schmidt Room. You will need to bring a pair of headphones to use our cassette player.

Oral History Tape Digitization Project

We are in the process of digitizing our oral history collection. Links to the audio files, which can be listened to online, will be posted on this page.

Older tapes may have some loss of clarity and other irregularities. Some of the interviews may span two or more audio files.

The following oral history interviews are available online:

Deborah Glaister-Hannay

Dr. Deborah Glaister-Hannay (1906-1986) followed her father, Dr. William Glaister, into medicine and even worked as his assistant for a time. She later served as Wellesley Township’s first female physican. In 1943, she joined the Canadian Army. After the war she joined Freeport Hospital, eventually becoming Chief of Staff.

Listen to Part 1 (OHT 199)   |   Listen to Part 2 (OHT 200)

Darlene McClennan

Darlene (nee Smith) McClennan (-2010) was a nurse who came to Waterloo in 1971 and worked at the K-W Red Cross.  She nursed in the army during World War II in New Brunswick.

Listen to Part 1 (OHT 790)   |   Listen to Part 2 (OHT 791)

Ann Schreiber

Ann Schreiber was a WREN (Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service) during World War ll, serving overseas and acting since then as a spokesperson for veterans, particularly the "Jenny Wrens".

Listen to Part 1 (OHT 631)   |   Listen to Part 2 (OHT 632)

Margaret Schreiter

Margaret Carmella (nee Erb) Schreiter(1895-1992) trained as a nurse and served in the American forces during World War I. She later returned to Kitchener and married Armand Alvin Schreiter in 1920.

Listen to Part 1 (OHT 245)   |   Listen to Part 2 (OHT 246)

Catherine Wilks Thomson

Catherine Wilks Thomson was a member of the Wilks family of Langdon Hall and Cruikston Park in Blair and worked for the Red Cross in World War Two.

Listen to Part 1 (OHT 247)   |   Listen to Part 2 (OHT 248)