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Governance Policies

Listed below are the Kitchener Public Library Board Governance Policies.

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Policy Type Policy No. Policy Title
Foundation FN-01  Mission, Vision and Values Statements
  FN-02  Intellectual Freedom
Governance GOV-01  Purpose of the Board
  GOV-02  Delegations to the Board
  GOV-03  Board Orientation and Training
  GOV-04  Duties and Responsibilities of the Board Members
  GOV-05  Confidentiality
  GOV-06  Committees of the Board
  GOV-07  Policy Development
  GOV-08  Planning
  GOV-09  Financial Control / Oversight
  GOV-10  Board Advocacy
  GOV-11  Evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer
  GOV-12  Board Evaluation
  GOV-13  Succession Planning
  GOV-14  Delegation of Authority to the CEO
  GOV-15  Use of Election-Related Resources
  GOV-16  Social Media Communications - Board Trustees
Executive Limitations EXE-01  Executive Scope and Limitations
Bylaws    Kitchener Public Library Board Bylaws
Misc    Duties of the Kitchener Public Library Board Committees