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85 Queen: Hidden Networks: From Trump to Harry Potter to Bitcoin

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with Professor Anthony Bonato

Networks, or graphs as they are also called, are mathematical objects that quantify how systems interact. From protein networks in living cells, to bitcoin transactions, to keywords in Donald Trump's tweets, networks reside in every aspect of our lives and nature.

Nature in the City: Warblers - Our Neotropical Gems

As the bright fall days of October fade rapidly into the gloom of November, with its short grey days and long dark nights, cast your mind back for a moment to the glorious spectacle of all those brightly coloured warblers of spring and summer. Join David Gascoigne to learn more about these tiny beauties and relive them in your mind.

After all, in a few months they will be back again, so get a preview now!

David is a regularly invited guest to the Nature in the City series and an expert in all things birds!

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