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Digital Living April 2021: Finding the Funny (pictured: a group of friends laughing and joking)

Finding the Funny

In the spirit of April Fools’ Day, we’re helping you find the funny in your everyday life. People say laughter is the best medicine and these days, we’ll try anything! Doctors have indicated that laughter can help as a distraction, but it can also relieve stress, improve memory and even make you more resilient. 

 This month we're highlighting the wonders of the library’s digital collections, from professional comedic genius, to cartoon comedy even the health benefits of laughter. And, while we’re not condoning pranks, you can find a list of ideas to fool your Family from Reader’s Digest. So, Find the Funny! 

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Lyrics to Make You Laugh

Some of the best play on words in music happen in those oh so dramatic musical numbers. Have a listen to these ridiculous and outlandish show tunes as well as a few comedians who have utilized the art of music to provide you with some cheeky, laugh-out-loud, funny moments.