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TD Summer Reading Club 2019


Summer Reading Club

Join our Summer Reading Club to take part in fun activities, all summer long!

We are creating a paperclip chain to see how many hours children read this summer. For every 15 minutes you read, we will add one paperclip to the chain.

Win prizes for reading! For each hour that you read, you will receive a ballot which you can enter into a grand prize draw. The more hours you read, the more ballots you can enter!

Summer Reading Bingo

Summer BINGO Challenge

Pick up a BINGO sheet at any Kitchener Public Library location, or download one here.

Complete a straight line (5 squares) in any direction to get two ballots to enter into the grand prize draw.

Complete the full sheet (25 squares) to win a special bookmark.

The middle square is like the “Free Square” in regular BINGO, because you get your card when you register for Summer Reading Club!


If you enjoyed these activities and want more like them, look in the activity book you got when you registered for Summer Reading Club.

For even more activities, visit to find colouring sheets, jokes, silly stories, trivia, and more!

Most of these activities are meant for you to do with friends or family. For some, you might need extra help. Of course, you can always come to the library!