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Chandra Rice works in many mediums. As the library's Artist-at-Work, she will be painting with acrylics.
Chandra's fibre and mixed media art is on display in Central Library's art galleries on the lower level. Please stop in to visit The Raucous Joy of the Raven's Call in the main gallery and, A Rusted Development in the Theatre Lobby.
Her current area of exploration is using found objects - both natural and those crafted by humans - to print on fabric. Following in the footsteps of women like India Flint, Fabienne Dorsman-Rey, and Wendy Fe, she has been upcycling garments and cloth by eco-printing on them. Fascinated by microhabitats or zones, she delves into the natural and built environment that directly surrounds her, exploring the cultural and community meanings and uses of the space, and what either grows or can be found in a space. Her home town, Hamilton, is a particularly rich source of microhabitats; an old industrial steel town nestled in the rich natural landscape of the golden horseshoe. Her work is deeply connected to her own growing sense of self as an artist, and her place in the community.
Saturday, June 1, 2019 -
1:00pm to 3:00pm
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