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Art Exhibits

Visit the Central Library Art Gallery (lower floor) to view the talents of local artists.

The Eternal in the Now - Sight & Insight
Paintings by Jon Tobin
Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 6 at 7 pm

As we move through our daily lives, the visual connection to the world around us is often the strongest of all the five senses. Walking down the street or driving through the city or countryside we take in what we see internally – consciously or not. We tend to take our surroundings for granted – assuming that all we see will remain the same – not thinking about the fact that physical reality is in transition.

An artist is able to capture all of this in a painting or drawing and remind us that our current experience of now is only a single point in a continuum of constant evolution. The magic of seeing the eternal in a work of art is a transforming experience. It is a reminder that there is more in our surroundings than the eye can see.

The people we interact with, the time and place in which this meeting occurs – each moment will remain with us forever. Jon Tobin’s art is a reminder of this fact. It is a starting point for a meditative approach to our lives - to see more deeply, to feel more compassionately, and have a better understanding of our lives as humans in this physical world.

Jon is also our March Artist-at-Work.


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