Soldier Information Cards

In an attempt to document the many courageous men and women of Waterloo County who served Canada in the First and Second World Wars, Kitchener Public Library staff created soldier information cards.


The cards were created during and shortly after each war, and were compiled using newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, and information contributed by soldiers and their families.


The quantity of information on each card varies, and some cards do not include a photograph. A few of the cards are shown below. Click the image to view an enlarged version.


Sample Soldier Information Card


Ted Pollack
(Front | Back)


Sample Soldier Information Card


Anne Schreiber



In order to make the information in the soldier information cards more accessible to researchers, genealogists and family historians, staff of the Grace Schmidt Room have indexed the collection by surname:


The World War I soldier information cards are in the process of being digitized. Currently, surnames beginning with G - M in the World War I set are unavailable for viewing at the Central Library.


Surnames beginning with A - F and N - Z, along with all World War II soldier information cards are available for viewing upon request at the Central Library.


To view the cards, tell a member of the library staff which names you wish to see and the cards will be retrieved for you. Due to the fragility of some cards, a reproduction may be retrieved instead.


For more information about this collection, or to obtain a copy of a soldier information card or cards, please email the Local History Librarian or call 519-743-0271, ext. 252.



Digital Collection

In honour of the contribution of Waterloo County's men and women to Canada’s war efforts, the Grace Schmidt Room is pleased to present the Waterloo County Soldier Portraits digital exhibit.


This exhibit is comprised of an online collection of photographs of Waterloo County men and women,who proudly served our region and country during the First World War of 1914-1918 and the Second World War of 1939-1945.