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85 Queen

An exciting series featuring critically acclaimed authors, thought-provoking films, current events, controversial issues, and more. Be part of the discussion at Central Library.

Upcoming Events: Coming this fall – mark your calendar and stay tuned for registration details!

Wednesday, January 24 - James Alan Gardner 

Past 85 Queen authors have included:

December 2017 - Cory Doctorow 
November 2017 - Karen Swan 
October 2017 - Kristen Ciccarelli 
October 2017 - Scaachi Koul 
June 2017 Terry Fallis 
May 2017 Camilla Gibb 
May 2017 Nino Ricci 
March 2017 Pamela Mordecai 
April 2017 Julie Lawson Timmer 
November 2016 Robert Sawyer 
November 2016 Kathy Reichs 
November 2016 Sarah Barmak 
October 2016 Larry Smith
May 2016 Saleema Nalwaz 
April 2016 David Bezmozgis 
April 2016 Kirstine Stewart 
March 2016 Kelley Armstrong 
February 2016 Susanna Kearsley 
January 2016 Carrie Snyder 
December 2015 Roch Carrier 
December 2015 Catherine Bush 
October 2015 Andrew Pyper 
September 2015 Jeff Lemire 
October 2014 Emma Donoghue 
October 2013 Thomas Enger 
October 2013 Robert Rotenberg 
September 2013 Michael Smith 
September 2012 Michael Smith 
September 2009 Margaret Atwood 

One Book One Community Authors
One Book, One Community (OBOC) was created to promote reading by adults, and to build new connections in the community through the shared experience of reading. Author events take place around Waterloo Region, including an author visit to Kitchener Public Library. Learn more.

Past OBOC authors at Kitchener Public Library have included:
September 2017 Wayne Grady
September 2016 Amanda Lindhout 
September 2015 Emily St. John Mandel 
September 2014 Charlotte Gray
September 2013 Richard Wagamese 
September 2012 Allen Casey 
September 2011 Louise Penny 
September 2010 Terry Fallis 
September 2009 Lawrence Hill 
September 2007 Elizabeth Ruth 
September 2006 Joseph Boyden
September 2005 Robert J. Sawyer 
September 2004 Nino Ricci 
September 2003 Jane Urquhart
September 2002 Alistair McLeod

Edna Staebler Writer-in-Residence
Every other year, we invite a popular Canadian author to participate in our Writer-in-Residence program. Each author provides a series of public workshops at our libraries, and provides one-on-one coaching to selected local writers. Learn more.

Past Writers-in-Residence at Kitchener Public Library have included:
2016 Kelley Armstrong 
2014 Joy Fielding 
2011 Kenneth Oppel 
2009 Nino Ricci 
2008 Trevor Cole 
2007 Elizabeth Ruth 
2006 Robert J. Sawyer 
2005 Wayson Choy
2004 Lyn Hamilton 
2003 Andrew Pyper 
2002 Kathy Stinson 
2001 John B. Lee
2000 Welwyn Wilton Katz 
1999 Betty Jane Wylie 
1998 Jack Batten
1997 Veronica Ross
1996 Janet Lunn