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My Library Story

Thea Mistry

Founder and owner of Amma Yoga

" ... it's such a nice environment to be in and to get your work done. It feels like a date with myself."

Image: My Library Story

Thea Mistry

We moved to Kitchener from Toronto a couple years ago. One of the motivating factors was that it felt like there was more space here for me to lay some roots down, and we could afford to buy a house. But I also always dreamed of starting a place like Amma Yoga and that felt more possible here. I was intrigued by how Kitchener seemed like a place in the midst of redefining itself. I thought that’s an interesting conversation to be a part of - the idea that we could help contribute to this place.

I discovered the library when we were still house hunting, and were only flirting with the idea of moving here. We had some time to kill between appointments and I had heard that the library was really nice. We walked in the front doors and my son (who was three at the time) looked up at the big beautiful art installation hanging from the ceiling and said “What airport is this?” And then we went back to the kids' section. At the time I felt we had read the entire kids’ section at our own local library in our neighbourhood in Toronto. I remember thinking “I could never read all of this,” and the library became a contributing factor, a selling point, for Kitchener. We’ve loved it since before we moved here.

I love working in the library because it’s such a nice, bright, open space. It’s a place where I can focus amidst whatever is happening because no one there needs anything from me. One of my favourite routines is when I drop off my daughter at pre-school and I drop my son off at school ... and I walk to the library. I buy a coffee at Hacienda and I sit in the window with the light coming in and I can get so much done.

One challenge of being an entrepreneur is you spend so much time working in your business that you don’t get that space to work on your business. Often that time at the library is when I can focus on the bigger things, because when I’m at the studio, things inevitably come up that need my attention.

That’s why I love going to library to work, because I can just focus. And it’s such a nice environment to be in and to get your work done. It feels like a date with myself.

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