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Textiles and children's fashion entrepreneur

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" ... We met lots of friends and people we hang out with and come every week with."

I went to Guelph for fine art and mainly did painting and drawing, that was sort of my focus. And then I was doing a series of paintings that were based on vintage floral fabrics so I started collecting all this fabric and became obsessed with fabrics. My mom always sewed, so I knew how to sew. I started with pillowcases and decorative pillows and stuff like that and then it went from there.

I still do pillows and that is still my main business. When my son was born I started a kids’ clothing line where I designed the actual prints and made the clothes. I do leggings and headbands and hats. When my daughter was born I started doing more floral fabrics, and started making more dresses and stuff too. It keeps me really busy. I work usually when they are napping, and in the evenings for an hour or so. I wish I had more time but it is what it is!

I didn’t use the library until I had kids. I was actually quite new. We started coming to the baby program when my son was two months old and we’ve been coming every week since. So I did all the programs with him, he’s just finishing up the 2-year program… My daughter comes to his class and she really enjoys it. The first time we ever came they weren’t even finished the kids’ program room yet.

That’s when we started coming to the library a lot and where we met lots of friends and people we hang out with and come every week with and enjoy the coffee as well.


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