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Historical Fiction, Family Relationships, Women’s Fiction, Coming-of-Age Stories, Funny Memoirs, Audiobooks, Brit Lit, Cooking, Knitting, Dystopic Fantasies, Strong Women, BBC Series, Rom Coms

When I was little I didn’t understand why books I adored weren’t universally loved. With time and perspective, I now love the puzzle of matching a reader with what works for them.

Stories about real characters, relationships, and struggles, no matter the time period or setting, captivate me. I strongly dislike dialect, and excessive description (I’m looking at you Tolkien) preferring to imagine how a character would say or see something than being told. On audio, I need an expressive reader, and a lot of humour.

I love pretending to be a chef/baker, knitting, keeping active, or reading about how to do those things. I also love being consumed by BBC series, Rom-Coms and junky reality tv - always with an overflowing cup of tea in my hand.