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For New Computer Users


Even if you do not own a computer, you can use the free internet access at KPL to:



Online Computer Tutorials:





Getting an Email Address


Here are a few options - visit the site, and choose the option to create a new account. Follow the instructions on the site to set up your email account.





Storing Your Files Online


Google Drive
Once you have your Google account set up, you have access to Google Documents. You can store documents there, or read and edit Word, Excel, and other file formats. You can also create documents there, which is important if you do not always have access to the MS Office products.
Individual users can have a free account that allows storage of up to 1 GB of data. Available in various languages.




Organize Your Schedule


If you do not have a computer, but you have a cell phone that lets you receive text messages, you can keep yourself organized. Set up your Google account, and then visit:


Google Calendar

When you enter events in your Google calendar, you can ask Google to remind you of these events by sending you a text (SMS) message. You can use the free Internet access at KPL to keep your calendar organized, and each time an event is coming up, Google will send a text message to your phone to remind you of the event. If you are able to check your email on a regular basis, you can also ask Google to send you an email message reminding you of your events.



Using Microsoft Office Products


There is a website that lists many short instruction sheets for learning how to use the various Office products, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Visit the site here. is another great online resource that offers technology tutorials on many subjects, including Office products.




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Career Planning



Company Directories


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Employment Services for Immigrants



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Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities




Hidden Job Market


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Job Posting Sites



Local Workshops for Job Seekers


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Labour Market / Industry Information


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Occupational Descriptions & Outlook



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Resume Writing and Interviewing



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Volunteer Opportunities



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Websites Where You Can Post Your Resume



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Youth / Recent Graduates



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