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DIY Festival

Thank You!

The 3rd annual DIY Festival, which aimed to answer the age old question: "What should I do for fun (or money)?", took place Saturday, October 21, 2017. We hosted many amazing local creatives to help people discover their new hobby or business.

Thank you to all who attended for helping to make the festival a resounding success!

Local creatives taking part in the festival included:


IMAGE: Arda Wigs Canada

Arda Wigs Canada

Learn to make your own pro cosplay costumes.

"We will showcase our thermoplastics at this event, and teach attendees how to harness their skills to make incredible works of art, including, but not limited to: small and large scale props, armour, charms, sculptures and even wearable art."


IMAGE: Bob's Guitar

Bob's Guitar Service

Learn to repair your guitar and other stringed instruments.

"Making a guitar play to a manufacturer's specifications is a science. Making it sing to a player's touch is an art ... every guitar has a 'sweet spot'. It is our job to find it."


IMAGE: Cabin and Cove

Cabin + Cove

Learn to knit and crochet.

"We offer modern knitting workshops, monthly socials, cozy knitwear and instant download knitting patterns. We are also the home of the CozyRiot Project - a group of knitters and crocheters who make items for those in need."


IAMGE: Evergreen Arts

Evergreen Arts

Learn about music production in Waterloo Region.

"In the cold Canadian winter, when the landscape is bare, the evergreen tree still thrives. It is a symbol of life, of purity, of persistence."


IMAGE: GelMoment Hand and Nail

GelMoment Hand & Nail

Learn to do Nail Art.

"An excellent product together with dedicated partners and a close-knit community is just what it takes to NAIL success!"


IMAGE: Kitchener Kicks Martial Arts Centre

Kitchener Kicks Martial Arts Centre

Explore styles and techniques of Martial Arts.

"Teaching Martial Arts to the people of Waterloo Region for the past 42 years. Martial Arts is for everyone!"


IMAGE: Kitchener Master Gardeners

Kitchener Master Gardeners

Learn to plant your own winter greens.

"We are a volunteer organization whose purpose is to inform and teach about correct gardening practices."


IMAGE: Kitchener Public Library

Kitchener Public Library

Learn some basic embroidery stitches.

"Create your own wall art or embellish your clothes."


IMAGE: Kitchener Public Library Children's Department

Kitchener Public Library Children's Department

Learn to make fidget spinners.

"It's a phenomenon! Fidget spinners are everywhere. We will teach you how to make your own!"


IMAGE: Kitchener Urban Hens

Kitchener Urban Hens

Learn how to start backyard chickens.

"We hope to foster a feeling of community and learning among both current and future backyard hen owners through events, talks, and classroom visits."


IMAGE: Kitchener-Waterloo Craft Beer Club

Kitchener-Waterloo Craft Beer Club

Learn to homebrew.

"The Kitchener-Waterloo Craft Beer Club is dedicated to promoting craft beer and home-brewing in Waterloo Region."


IMAGE: Lacey J. Heels

Lacey J. Heels, Marketing Strategist & Abstract Artist, LJH Creative

Branding/Marketing/Social Media

"LJH Creative partners with businesses, agencies, and solopreneurs to provide fully integrated marketing solutions. We focus on brand, copy-writing, creative content, web and social media services for optimal success."


IMAGE: Mary Monteith

Mary Monteith

Learn how to clicker train your dog.

"I loved dog sports so much, that I decided to become a judge. Even if you don't compete, training your dog creates an even stronger bond, enriches your dog’s life, and connects you to a world of people who share your interests."


IMAGE: Nordquist Electronics

Nordquist Electronics

Learn to use electronic circuits.

"Rather than be a consumer of electronics, why not be a producer of electronics! Our DIY kits are designed to be an introduction to the world of hobby electronics."


IMAGE: Schneider Haus Historic Site

Schneider Haus Historic Site

Learn Fraktur writing and make a Quill pen.

"A local landmark and the city's oldest dwelling, Scneider Haus is a dynamic, National Historic Site and community museum located in the heart of downtown Kitchener."


IMAGE: School of Rock

School of Rock

Play a musical instrument.

"For over a decade, we have been teaching guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and keys through an innovative performance-based method."


IMAGE: Tri-City Junior Roller Derby

Tri-City Junior Roller Derby

Learn about this fast-paced and popular sport.

"We teach girls aged 9 to 17 to roller skate and play the sport of roller derby in a safe and nurturing environment."


IMAGE: Waterloo Region Small Business Centre

Waterloo Region Small Business Centre

Learn to create social media photos, videos, and graphics.

"We encourage and contribute to the enterprising spirit and economic vitality of our community by assisting entrepreneurs with the development of new or existing businesses."


IMAGE: Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre

Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre

Learn about drones and drone flying.

"Our UAV Commercial and Recreational courses provide practical, up-to-date information, so UAV/drone pilots can operate under Transport Canada's regulations."


Stay tuned! Details about the next DIY Festival will be posted here.