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Book Clubs

Are you interested in talking about books? View our book club schedule, where you can register to join or attend a book club! New members are always welcome.

Graphically Inclined

"Slice of Life"

Tuesday, April 17 at 7 pm
Central Library

Grand Reads

Our Souls at Night
Kent Haruf

Wed, April 18 at 6:30 pm
Grand River Stanley Park

Modern Classics

Do Androids Dream of
Electric Sheep?
 / Philip K. Dick

Tuesday, April 24 at 10 am
Country Hills

Book Club Social

Join book lovers to talk books and 
get ideas for your next book club!

Thursday, May 31 at 7 pm
Central Library

Book Club Sets

A common challenge for book clubs is finding enough copies for all their members. Kitchener Public Library makes it easier by offering book club sets that can be checked out for an extended loan period of six weeks.

Each book club set includes 10 copies of the book and (when available) a reading guide, packaged in a cloth bag. The person who borrows the book club set assumes responsibility for returning it to the library.

Browse book club sets in library catalogue  PDF icon Print a complete list of book club sets


They’ll Get You Talking (even if they didn’t make the Bestseller List)

Lost Book? Returned Late?

A book club set is not considered returned until all 10 copies of the book, the reading guide, and the cloth bag have been returned. If the set is returned late, the overdue fine is $2.00 per day. The person who borrowed the set will be charged a replacement cost for any books missing from the set.

More questions? Contact Us!

Library staff can help you choose the right set for your book club, and answer any questions you may have about the book club sets.

For more information about our special services for book clubs, please contact:

Information Services