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Art Exhibits

Visit the Central Library Art Gallery (lower floor) to view the talents of local artists.


Art Gallery Exhibit

Transportation in the Twin Cities, a Visual Impression

Oil / Acrylic Paintings and Graphite Drawings
by Robert Isler Wanka

Opening Reception:
Monday, March 5 at 7pm
Central Library

Being interested in railroading, Robert Wanka was drawn to the artistic opportunities of the light rail transit construction in Kitchener and Waterloo. From the street car and trolley bus of decades past, to the soon-to-be-launched LRT-Ion system of the modern age, Robert's impressionistic works are both a nod to the past and a toast to the future.

From an illustrator in the late 1970s to an art director in the 1980s, Robert Isler Wanka now works as a portrait artist and teacher of traditional artistic skills.

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Special Exhibit

Heaven on Earth

Video Installation
by Alan Kirker

Central Library, lower level video wall

Heaven on Earth is a looping, multi-screen projection. This media artwork began as a gradulate studies project in Environment and Business at the University of Waterloo. Slowly rotating landscape panoramas have been recorded in black and white digital infrared video, overlaid with typeset text passages from the twelfth century sufi poet and mystic Rumi, and an ambient background soundtrack.

It is a meditation on nature and our connection to it, in all its beauty and fragility. The landscape recordings made within and nearby Waterloo Region aim to evoke sensations of eerily-entrancing otherworldliness. The glowing white vegetation created by the infrared's chlorophyll effect contrasts with dark waters and background skies to create a visual tableau that is all at once familiar, while also appearing strange and alien.

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